MerCruiser 350 MAG /300HP MPI 5.7L Inboard Fresh Water Cooled Complete Bobtail Marine Engine ( MPS – USED INVENTORY ) 350 MAG /300HP Multi Port Fuel Injection 5.7L Inboard Complete Marine Engine Certified Pre-Owned Complete Bobtail Performance Marine Engine. Regardless of what brand you may have, ask the experts at Marine Power Service. Please e-mail your questions or call our Engine Power Center Specialist at 732-751-1200 if you have any questions on your repower. SPECIFICATIONS: MPS-USED INVENTORY Horse Power: 300HP Full Throttle Range: 4600-4800 RPM Displacement: 350CID (5.7L) Engine Type: Remanufactured GM V8 Marine Iron Block Bore & Stroke: 4.25″ x 4.38″ Compression Ratio: 9.1:1 Fuel Requirement: 87 Octane Fuel Delivery System: Cool Fuel-Bravo Fuel Injection System: Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Induction System: 2-Piece Long Runner Intake w/75 mm Throttle Body Ignition System: Distributorless Ignition with Knock Control and Platinum Spark Plugs Charging System: 65 Amp Water Drain System: Single Point Air Actuated Exhaust System: Tuned Runner Exhaust Manifold with 316 Stainless Steel Tubular Dry Joint Elbows Cooling System: Closed Cooling, Long life 5-year anti-freeze, Brass Sea Water Pump Accessory Drive System: Serpentine Belt,Stainless Steel Spring Automatic Tensioner Recommended Engine Oil: SAE 25-40 NMMA Certified FC-W Synthetic Blend Engine Guardian System: Low Oil Pressure, High Coolent Temperature, High Exhaust Manifold Temperature, Low Drive

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MerCruiser 383 MAG Stroker 4V 350HP Fresh Water Cooling & Stainless Exhaust Performance Marine Engine The 383/350HP MAG is the ideal replacement engine for your 454 or 502 marine engines. Same power and more torque than a 454 HO carbureted engine. This torque monster delivers 429 ft-lbs of raw torque at 3800 RPM to launch even the heaviest boats with authority. This 383 has Fresh Water Cooling installed as well as Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifolds. Everything on this engine is 100% OEM MerCruiser. Regardless of what brand you may have, ask the experts at Marine Power Service. Please e-mail your questions or call our Engine Power Center Specialist at 732-751-1200 if you have any questions on your repower. SPECIFICATIONS: Power Plus-Series Horse Power: 350HP Full Throttle Range: 4800-5200 RPM Displacement: 383 CID (6.3L) Engine Type: Remanufactured GM V8 Marine Iron Block w/ Gen+ Heads -062 Casting Bore & Stroke: 4.030″ x 3.750″ Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.6:1 Full Roller Fuel Requirement: 87 Octane Fuel System: Weber 750 cfm 4V Electric Choke Carburetor & Mechanical Fuel Pump Induction System: Dual Plane Aluminum Intake Manifold with Brass Inserts Ignition System: Thunderbolt V with Knock Control Charging System: 65 Amp Water Drain System: Multi-Point Drain — Hand Removable Blue Drain Plugs Exhaust System: Iron Manifold with Dry-Joint Exhuast Elbow Cooling System: Thermostatically Controlled Raw Water – 143 F Accessory Drive System: Serpentine Belt

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Magic Deck Boat with Boostpower Marine 625efi engine. High Performance Boat Service at Boostpower Marine.

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High performance Marine Engines in Lake Havasu. Lake Havasu Boat Service. Call 877-bpower-4-u

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The 2010 Mercury Mariner panders to the small crossover SUV segment, but has some daunting competition in the Toyota’s RAV4 and Chevrolet’s Equinox. If you are thinking about buying this vehicle consider upgrading the engine to get the best performance possible from your Mercury Mariner. That way you can increase fuel economy and avoid any strain on the engine.
 The 2010 Mercury Mariner offers two engine options. A 2.5 liter inline 4 can handle basic driving and generates 171 horsepower and pound feet of torque. For driving around town, this option moves the Mariner around for smooth passing maneuvers and acceleration, but for those interested in a vehicle with real get up and go, consider the upgraded engine options for the Mercury Mariner. The 3.0 liter V6 offered as the upgrade puts out 240 horse power and 223 pound feet of torque. That power can be used to tow up to 3500 pounds or just to get ahead of that annoyingly slow semi on the freeway.
 There is a drawback to upgrading your engine, though. The standard package offers better gas mileage at an average of 23 miles to the gallon, 21 in town and 28 on the highway. Likely, consumers looking at the Mariner will concern themselves with the fuel efficiency, so downgrading to 21 mpg by switching to the 3.0 liter V6 might not appeal to everyone. For the truly fuel conscious, there is a hybrid model which boasts even greater fuel efficiency.
 Whatever you choose, make sure to examine the competition as well, since Toyota’s RAV4 and Chevrolet’s Equinox have received consistently high marks in performance and mileage.

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Seafarers do not have a right to privacy and the customs authorities can perform searches of cabins or any other part of a vessel without any warrant or grounds for suspicion. It looks like this is not going to change any time soon as the Nautilus International union was alarmed as United States judges ruled that there will be no inspection free zones for onboard visiting foreign ships.

The court accepted that a  cabin  is effectively a seafarers home and that people’s  homes should  receive the greatest protection under the fourth amendment however it was then argued that given the  dangers we face and the national interest in conducting border searches to protect the Nation  and its people makes it unreasonable to  expect  to  require any sort of suspicion   to search  a cargo vessel arriving into  the United States. The US has the right under national self-protection to conduct a search without a warrant.

“Any expectation of privacy a crew member has in his living quarters is weaker when those quarters are brought to the border of a country” this is just something seafarers are going to have to live with as there will be no privacy laws in the near future

The worry is that seafarers are soft targets and that there are signs they are being singled out for intrusive checks and inspections even though there are no obvious grounds for suspicion.

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