Dyno Cell

SuperFlow Engine Dynamometer systems are designed for professional engine builders who want the highest level of accuracy, repeatability and test throughput. That’s why ProMarine chose SuperFlow for it’s Dyno Cell.

Dyno Runs on Super Flow Dyno

Dyno Cell | SuperFlow

ProMarine’s Dyno Cell SuperFlow NSCR system customers report repeatability within two-tenths of one percent on identical systems in different test cells. SuperFlow systems ProMarine achieve this level of repeatability with precise control of all engine temperatures and pressures, fully automated test cycles and WinDyn and WinDyn ProFilter technology.The most popular professional engine dynamometer on Earth. Superflow dyno used in OEM and high-performance automotive, marine motorcycle and snowmobile engines.

This is one of two a 588 CI 509 HP EFI N/A Boat Engines for Domn8er Boats

Dyno Console

Tom welcomes his customers to watch their engines being Dyno tested.


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