Performance Marine Engines


As we all know a stock engine  will get you from A to B, but some of us want to have Performance Marine Engines so that we can get there in style and a little faster than our buddy. At ProMarine we offer a complete line of Performance Marine Engines as well as Drag Race, Circle Track, Off Road, and Street Rod engines built in our full service facility in Lake Havasu City Arizona.

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Go Check Out The Beautiful 34 Nordic Rigged By Tom At Pro Marine


Service and Repair

ProMarine will not only build and Dyno your engine, we service the boats we put them in. We do complete boat service and boat repair, including building drives.

Performance Marine Engines Dyno

At Pro Marine we test and tune your engine with our State-Of-The-Art  SuperFlow  Dynamometer with a computerized readout of all performance levels. All of our engines including our Performance Marine Engines are  tested and all the vital details are  recorded.  We provide you with a Dyno sheet that shows you the Horsepower, Torque,  Oil pressure, Water Temperature, and Brake Specific. You can also come and see you engine run on the Dyno


Performance Marine Engines Machine Shop

At ProMarine we have an in house machine shop so we can provide top quality control over the machine work on all of our engines including our performance marine engines. Below are some of the process we perform to guaranty a superior quality engine is delivered to you.

  • When we  hone the Cylinders we use  a Torque Plate  to simulate the head being torqued down to achieve maximum accuracy in cylinders to insure a near perfect ring seal and roundness of the cylinders.
  • The rotating assembly that consists of the Crankshaft, Piston/Rod  are fully balanced. Crankshafts are balanced to within .01 ounce/inches while the pistons and rods are balanced from .5 to 1 gram for high rpm performance.
  • The Blocks are square decked and alined honed to exact computer controlled specifications to ensure proper cylinder compression.
  • At ProMarine all of our engines including our performance marine engines  feature a double roller timing chain or belt, high-rev lifters, and a high volume oil pump.

At ProMarine you will find our own  Flow Bench made by the industry leader Super Flow, to make sure  your heads flow the correct amount of air and all cylinders are equally matched . See the Flow Bench that we use on your Performance Marine Engines to make sure we maximize air flow on your engine , as well as all the other engines we build.


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